Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Leave of Absence

Only my closest friends know what's going on in my house. My mom's illness has taken full force on her, she's very weak and in pain. Which leaves me in a miserable mood. Thus why I haven't draw Kukey and Chip in a while. I am terribly sorry because this is something for me that I love and enjoy doing. Please include my mommy in your prayers. Thank you and I'll promise Kukey and Chip will come back more often. Thank You!


  1. She will definitely be in my prayers. Love you both.

  2. I will be praying often my dear. My heart is sinking. just came back from the hospital from visiting a young friend. Things don't look good.

    Wishing quality of time and recovery for your mom.

  3. Thanks Rick.

    Lucia I'm sorry for your friend. Every night I pray not only for my mom but also for other people that need hope and health. xoxox

  4. Dear sweet cookie and kukey loving friend, my deepest thoughts go out to you and your mother. Though I may obstinately curse the heavens whenever things don't go my way, if only to amuse others with my rants, beneath the layers of paint and anger, there is a friend wishing you well. My best to you and your mother.

    Song for you:

    Lyrics here:

    and of course... Cheers luv.

  5. Hang in there luv. She is in my prayers as well. Luv U.